The Animation Show of Shows made its Kickstarter goal of $100,000 and then some, reaching $107,528 on Monday.

The funds will help pay for the upcoming 17th annual showcase of global animated shorts curated by Acme Filmwork’s topper, Ron Diamond. The extra dough, meanwhile, will help the new nonprofit pay for the restoration of the 1964 animated short “Hangman,” directed by Les Goldman and Paul Julian, and based on the poem by Maurice Ogden.

The Animation Show of Shows became a nonprofit in early June in order to reach a wider audience with animated shorts, introduce animation filmmakers through documentaries and help restore classic shorts.

The Animation Show of Shows will make an appearance at Comic-Con on July 10. Diamond will be showing many of the films from last year’s Show of Shows, along with a sneak peek at one of from this season, “Love in the Time of March Madness.” Melissa Johnson, one of the film’s directors, will be on the panel along with Diamond.