AMC Theatres and marketing specialist Movio have formed a multi-year partnership aimed at reaching its most avid customers — particularly those interested in smaller-budget and independent films.

The alliance, which will begin in July, will combine data from the AMC Stubs loyalty program with Movio Cinema to deliver content such as movie trailers, movie news, special promotions, opening date information and show times to the 2.4 million households in the AMC Stubs program.

AMC noted it has more Facebook “likes,” Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers than the other three major U.S. exhibition companies combined and that its AMC Movie News YouTube channel has had more than 200,000 views every day.

“Movie lovers want to see great movies, but some of the best movies can get lost in the shuffle,” said Stephen Colanero, AMC Chief Marketing Officer. “As an exhibitor, we’re just as happy having our theatres filled with guests watching three different independent movies on three different screens as we are with guests watching one blockbuster showing on all three screens.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. AMC, which is owned by China’s Wanda Group, has 347 locations and 4,972 screens in the United States.