Filmmaker Amber Sealey is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to complete her absent-parent drama “No Light and No Land Anywhere.”

Sealey has been joined by consulting producer Miranda July and producers Alysa Nahmias and Drea Clark in the campaign to raise $35,000 for post-production.

The film follows a woman whose career, emotional state and marriage are in shambles. She leaves her life in London behind abruptly and travels to Los Angeles in search of the father who left her and her mother when she was two years old.

“‘No Light and No Land Anywhere’ is a film that highlights the lasting, rooted effects of a missing parent,” Sealey said. “We focused on distinctive and spellbinding performances to demonstrate how this woman’s complicated, twisting journey through the darkness of Los Angeles can be traced back to a childhood estrangement.”

The producers assembled a cast and crew that was 87% female.

“We were conscious of how the support we’ve received in our own careers has incrementally helped with gender inequality, and we wanted to continue to pay it forward by expanding our reach when hiring,” Clark said.