Other Angle has closed sales on a pair of French comedies: “Full Speed” from Nicolas Benamou, the director of French found-footage laffer “Babysitting,” and Alexandra Leclerc’s “The Roommates Party.”

Penned by Frederic Jardin, Fabrice Roger-Lacan and Benamou, “Full Speed” turns on a family hitting the road on the first day of their summer vacation; they lose control of their vehicle when it gets stuck at 80 miles an hour. “Full Speed” stars Andre Dussolier and Jose Garcia.

Pic, now in production, has sold to Wild Bunch Germany and Belga in Belgium. Wild Bunch will distribute in France.

Benamou broke through with “Babysitting,” a modestly budgeted comedy that racked up 2.3 million French admissions in 2014.

“Full Speed” is produced by Chic Films (“A Prophet”) and La Petite Reine (“The Artist”), and co-produced by Wild Bunch.

“The Roommates Party” has sold to Square One in Germany, O Brother in Belgium and GMH for Switzerland. Toplining Karin Viard , Valerie Bonneton and Didier Bourdon, “The Roommates Party” turns on wealthy French apartment owners who are forced by a new law to share their flats with families who cannot afford Paris rents.

At AFM, Other Angle is also selling “Live in Secret,” John Hay’s post-WWII spy thriller with Tim Roth and Kelly Reilly; Zoe Cassavetes’ drama “Day Out of Days,” with Alexia Landeau and Eddie Izzard; Jonathan Helpert’s time-travel thriller “House of Time,” with Pierre De la longchamp; and “Don’t Tell Her,” with Jenifer Bartoli, the popular French singer, standup comedian-turned-actress/helmer Camille Chamoux and Arie Elmaleh.