TeamTO AT 10: A Timeline

In 10 years, TeamTO has diversified, seen a major sales hit and built up a raft of future projects

Courtesy of TeamTo


TeamTO is founded.

Production of the second season of “Zoé Kézako”, a co-production with TF1.

TeamTO produces the educational and entertainment series “Adiboo in the Human Body” (Adibou dans le corps humain) for Téléimages Kids and Coktel.



TeamTO signs a development agreement with TF1 for “Hareport” (Tarmac MidMac).



“Adiboo in the Human Body” airs on France 5

Production starts on “Adiboo Destination Earth” with Téléimages Kids for France 5.

Season 2 of “Zoé Kézako” airs on TéléTOON+ in France.



TeamTO expands its capacity by opening a dedicated animation studio at La Cartoucherie in France’s Rhône-Alpes region.

Production initiated on “Angelo Rules” (Angelo la d´brouille), a co-production with France Télévisions, Cake Entertainment, and TéléTOON+.

Production commences on “Hareport.”

“Oscar & Co” airs on TF1 as “Ooohhh Asis”

“Plankton Invasion” is presented at the Cartoon Forum in Ludwigsburg (Germany).



Yellowbird” (Gus), a 3D stereoscopic feature-film project is introduced at Lyon’s Cartoon Movie as “Occho Kochoi”.

Production kicks off on full series of “Oscar & Co,” a co-production with Tuba Entertainment and TF1, and on “Babar and the Adventures of Badou,” a co-production with Nelvana, TF1 and Luxanimation, with the participation of Playhouse Disney France.



“Angelo Rules” is sold to over 150 countries. Its first episode is watched on April 5 by over one million viewers in France, punching a 30% market share among 4-14s

UNESCO makes “Plankton Invasion,” part of the United Nations’ Decade for Education for Sustainable Development.

“Hareport” airs on TF1, “Oscar & Co” airs on Canal+ and Canal+ Family, while “Babar and the Adventures of Badou” airs on TF1 in France and YTV in Canada.



TeamTO opens an office in Los Angeles.

“Plankton Invasion” is the first animation series to fit the guidelines of EcoProd whose objective is to make audiovisual and film production more environmentally responsible.

Launch of “Angelo Rules” and  “Oscar & Co” on 3D VOD on the Nintendo 3DS.

“Oscar & Co” airs on TF1, while “Plankton Invasion” airs on Canal+ and Canal+ Family in France and VTM in Belgium.

Production starts on a second season of “Babar and the Adventures of Badou” and “Angelo Rules”.

TeamTO partners with Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris for the exhibition of “The History of Babar.” Behind the scenes’ clips of the latest series of  “Babar and the Adventures of Badou” are screened.

TeamTO animates the CGI segments of Philippe Geluck’s “La Minute du Chat.” The 24 minutes of animation are part of a hybrid show mixing 2D, CGI animation, stop-motion and live images.

“Jade Armor,” a new animated action-comedy series, is introduced at the Cartoon Forum in Poland.



TeamTO moves into a new building on Rue Damrémont in Paris.

Over three months, the Aquarium of Paris holds a “Plankton Invasion” event that includes a conference about plankton, screenings of episodes and ‘making of’ videos, an exhibition including images from the series and the original art, and creative workshops among other activities.

Second season of “Babar and the Adventures of Badou” airs on TF1, while the second season of “Angelo Rules” airs on France 3.

Pre-production gets underway on the animated feature film “Yellowbird” (Gus).

TeamTO produces “Rabbids Invasion” (Les Lapins Crétins) for Ubisoft Motion Pictures to screen on Nickelodeon and France 3.



Production starts on a third season of “Babar and the Adventures of Badou” and the feature film “Yellowbird”.


Production on the interactive project (mobile, online game and website) for “Plankton Invasion – Operation Conquest of Planet Earth” and the mobile game “Angelo Rules: A Busy Day.”

TeamTO produces “Calimero” for Gaumont Animation and “Pyjamasques” for Olivier Dumont’s Frog Box

“Rabbids Invasion” airs on Nickelodeon and France 3



Production starts on season 3 of “Angelo Rules” and Ubisoft Motion Pictures commissions a second series “Rabbids Invasion.”

“My Knight and Me” (Mon Chevalier et Moi) goes into production for Canal Plus in France and Super RTL in Germany.

“Yellowbird” is to be released theatrically in over 40 territories, including the U.S., and a video game based on the movie, “As the Birds Fly,” goes into production.



10th anniversary of TeamTO

Two illustrated books based on “Yellowbird” go on sale in France.

TeamTO, Artefacts Studio and BulkyPix launch of the game “Yellowbird: As the Birds Fly.”

Development underway on the feature “The Artificials.” a science fiction thriller that will combine CGI and live action.