BERLIN — Copenhagen Bombay, Film i Väst, Swedish Television and the Swedish Film Institute (SFI) have joined forces to launch Bombay Basic, a long-term initiative to develop original Swedish children’s films that travel worldwide.

Linus Stöhr Torell, former feature film consultant at the Swedish Film Institute, will be spearheading Bombay Basic, which aims at expanding children entertainment’s horizons as well as broaden the scope of kids’ movies. Torell, who is now a producer at Copenhagen Bombay, will be working with writers as well as get involved in the marketing strategy prior to the production start of films.

“As Europe’s most innovative film regions, we are really happy to be able to contribute to Bombay Basic with competence and international contacts,” says Tomas Eskilsson, CEO of Film i Väst, adding that Sweden, along with other Nordic regions, are purveyors of quality children’s films.

Copenhagen Bombay is best known for producing “The Great Bear” and “Beyond Beyond” (pictured above).

The initiative will bring together Swedish writers, directors, producers and even playwrights with track records in different genres, such as comedies and standup.

“Discovering new ways of working with children’s films is necessary. The impact of big U.S. players on the Swedish film market is enormous, and we have to dare to think of new and smart ways in order to challenge this competition,” said Copenhagen Bombay producer Linus Stöhr Torell.

Bombay Basic’s initial plan is to create two feature films per year.