CANNES –Raymond Murray’s Artsploitation Films has sealed American rights on “Der Bunker,” the highly oddvall German comedy which world premiered to upbeat reviews at 2015’s Berlin Fest.

Sold by Film Republic, the directorial debut of German-born Nikias Chryssos turns on a laughably dysfunctional and certainly reprehensible family whose precocious but learning-challenged son gets a tutor (Pit Bukowski, “Der Samurai”) in the form of the household’s graduate student lodger.

The film will receive a limited theatrical this fall with a DVD/Blu-ray and VOD slated for December 2015.

The deal was negotiated by Artsploitation’s Murray and Film Republic’s managing director Xavier Henry-Rashid and sales executive Ameline Thomas on behalf of Kataskop Film and Geissendoerfer Film & Fernsehproduktion.

“’Der Bunker’ was so peculiar yet amazingly memorable, that, after acquiring a string of horror films, I felt we had to have this odd comedy,” Murray commented.

He added: “Reminiscent of the works of John Waters, David Lynch and Luis Buñuel, Chryssos creates a reality where conventional story-telling, and its accompanying logic, is left outside the steps.”