Indie toon helmer Sam, whose out-there “Possessed” plays in competition at this week’s Annecy Animation Festival,  is prepping ”Vertigo’s Shadow,” a musical mixing live action and animation.

Sam’s sophomore feature outing, “Shadow” will be produced through the helmer’s imprint Conflictivos Productions. Sam is seeking co-production partners in Mexico and Belgium.

“My central idea is to have a real character in a stop-motion world. I want a realistic look in a fantastic environment. It will turn on a man confronting a world that he doesn’t understand,” Sam told Variety.

“Vertigo’s Shadow” will be a black comedy musical with “Jesus Christ Superstar” as a main reference. Movie will also channel Terry Gilliam’s Kafka-esque “Brazil,” he added.

Santiago Segura, helmer and star of the “Torrente” saga, Spain’s most successful film franchise, has announced his support for Sam’ second feature.

“Santiago is a great actor and an excellent singer. My idea is for him to play both roles, and I will try to have him participate as producer, although I know this is more complicated, “ Sam joked.

Juan Jose Ramirez (“Going Nuts”) will co-write the screenplay with Sam.

Co-produced by Basque Films and Conflictivos Productions, Sam’s feature debut “Possessed” (“Pos eso”) is Berlanga meets “The Exorcist,” mixing the vitriolic humor of Spanish comedy master and some of movie’s storyline. A Bolonia, Praga and Santiago de Chile fest winner, the plasticine satanic comedy-actioner turns on a priest who is losing his faith. He’s contacted by flamenco dancer Trini, who is plunged into despair after her husband’s death and the torment of the bizarre behavior of her 8-year-old son.

Original version voice cast includes Segura, Josema Yuste, Anabel Alonso and Alex Angulo.

Valencia-born cartoonist helmer Sam caught attention with his hilarious short “Vicenta,” where he already showed a peculiarly outlandish humor deep-rooted in traditional popular Spanish cultural idiosncracies.

Guido Rud’s FilmSharks Intl. is handling international sales on “Possessed.”