30 Most Anticipated Films of the 2015-2016 Oscar Season

Most Anticipated Movies of Oscar Season
Courtesy of Warner Bros./The Weinstein Company

Troubled productions, best-seller adaptations, festival favorites and plenty of biopics to go around — the annual film awards season promises to be as stuffed as ever. And seeing as studios can’t seem to square themselves with the notion of spreading some of this product throughout the year, the September-to-December corridor will simply remain overloaded, particularly as long as pitching for awards means something to the bottom line.

So rather than narrow it down too much, we’ve plotted out the 30 movies we’re most excited to see land over the next several months. Some of them may well find their way to the Dolby Theatre, while others will no doubt be revealed as also-rans in due time. The calm before the storm is the best part because we just don’t know yet.

See what has us pumped in the gallery story below, and feel free to tell us what you’re excited to see this year in the comments section.

GALLERY: The 30 Most Anticipated Movies of Oscar Season