“Lamiae,” “Pinilla and His Terrifying Hallucinations 3D” and “The Animal Race” feature among 15 genre pic projects to be pitched at the 3th Beyond the Window, the co-production forum hosted by Blood Window, Ventana Sur’s Latin American fantastic film mini-mart.

Taking place Nov. 30-Dec. 4, during Buenos Aires’ Ventana Sur market, Beyond the Window showcase a selection of projects in development presented at pitching sessions, an opportunity for genre film investors and industry managers to know projects from a very early stage in development.

Potential standouts this year include “Lamiae,” a fantasy-terror confrontation between human wickedness and diabolic forces, which marks the newest film project by Chilean helmer Lucio Alejandro Rojas, whose sophomore feature, horror pic “Perfidy,” a 2014 Blood Window player, was acquired by Artsploitation for the North American market.

Set up at Border Motion Cinema, the Santiago-based outfit created in 2013 by Rojas and producer Francisco Schneider, project has financed 40% of its budget; goal at Blood Window is to obtain the remainder from international co-producers, as film can be relocated in any other cultural context. Project, in Rojas words, aims “to create a story taking elements from European mythology, mixed with the popular Latin imaginary.”

Produced by Ivette Liang at Bogota’s Galaxia 311, in partnership with Montreal’s Parabola Films, Simon Hernandez’s “Pinilla” mixes fiction with reality, following Jairo Pinilla, a controversial Colombian B horror movie director who, after a decade in oblivion, returns to try to reboot his career with “The Shadow of Death in 3D.”

Bogota-born Hernandez, a seasoned docu film director and editor who has worked for broadcaster such as BBC, Arte, CNN and TVE, directed docu “Pizarro,” a 2014 Tribeca Film Institute co-production with Señal Colombia and FDC Colombia.

In “The Animal Race,” Ernesto Solis, a former art director of films and animation at Brazilian giant TV Globo, takes on social questions in a “Hunger Games”-style contest movie set in a futuristic Rio.

Vania Catani at Bananeira Filmes produces the project, which has in place 43% of its $2.7 million budget, in co-production with MGM. Brazil’s film agency Ancine and FSA and RioFilme are attached to support “Animal Race.”

With “Seven,” “Sleepy Hollow” and “The Usual Suspects” among main film references, Gustavo Hernandez Perez’s suspense thriller “El Silbon” follows the figure of a legendary Venezuelan serial killer who whistles in the dark of the savannah before attacking his victims, mainly drunk and lusty men.

Budgeted at $1.1 million, “El Silbon” is a Venezuelan-Brazilian co-production, with financial backing from the Venezuelan Film Commission, set up at Brazilian producer Carlos Eduardo Bessa’s shingle Aviva Universal.

The list of 15 projects at this year’s edition also includes Uruguayan Carlos Ameglio’s “Kiken” and “The Dump,” by Mexico’s Fernando Montes de Oca and Xavier Sanchez Mercado, both invited to Beyond the Window after participating at September’s 3rd Austin Fantastic Market.

Also pitched at San Sebastian’s Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum, horror-sci-fi project “Kiken” focuses on a couple attempting to rekindle their relationship in a small fishing village. Set to partially shoot in vast “Mad Max”-ish sand-dunes in Uruguay, pic bears some similarity to John Carpenter’s “The Thing,” according to producer Mariana Secco, producer at Salado, one of Uruguay’s most prominent film companies, responsible for titles such as Alvaro Brechner’s “Mr. Kaplan.”

The story of a lonely old man, a garbage keeper, forced by a demonic being to commit animal sacrifices that seems to exist only in his nightmares, “The Dump” is produced by Red Elephant’s Mexico-based filmmaker Isaac Ezban, whose psychological sci-fi movie “The Similars” won last year’s the Wild Fox/Assimilate prize at Blood Window.

Picked up by Mexico’s Macabro Film Festival, Edgar Nito’s feature debut “Tatewari,” about two Americans and a Mexican girl on a bloody Peyote-laced road trip across the Real de Catorce desert, is produced by Pablo Zimbron Alva atVarios Lobos and co-produced by Velarium Arts.

At 2015’s Beyond the Window, Turner Broadcasting System’s Space Go will award $2,000 for best pitch presentation against VOD rights acquisition. Brazilian fantasy fest Fantaspoa will provide subtitles services for a Portuguese-language release while Argentine company Full Dimensional will offer a 3D image conversion for a promotional teaser.


“The Dump,” (Fernando Montes de Oca and Xavier Sanchez Mercado, Mexico)

“Kiken,” (Carlos Ameglio, Uruguay)

“The Animal Race,” (Ernesto Solis, Brasil)

“By Demon’s Will,” (Ana Paula Mendes, Brasil)

“Lamiae,” (Lucio A Rojas, Chile)

“The Crying Boy,” (Cristobal Valderrama, Chile)

“Uqbar,” (Pedro Cabiya, Dominican Republic)

“The Zit,” (Manuel Facal, Uruguay)

“Jaguar Woman,” (Marco Melgar, Peru, Colombia, Mexico)

“Pinilla and His Terrifying Hallucinations 3D,” (Simon Hernandez, Colombia, Canada)

“Pulsion,” (Adrian Garcia Bogliano, Ezio Massa and Daniel de la Vega, Argentina)

“Black Fury,” (Hermanos Quintana, Argentina)

“Intra,” (Pablo Rabe, Argentina)

“Tatewari,” (Edgar Nito, Mexico)

“Birthday Present,” (Christian Cueva, Mexico)