Joseph Samaan, founder and chairman of Tanweer Group, the MENA and Southeast Asia distributor that acts as an agent for lots of Hollywood companies, is ecstatic about “Mad Max:Fury Road.”

That’s because Samaan has crowned his company’s 30-year anniversary with an exclusive deal to represent Warner Bros. theatrically and for homevideo in Greece and several Southeast Asian territories.

“Mad Max” is a great movie; we are going to do a great marketing campaign for it, with the great help of Warner Bros’ marketing team,” Samaan enthused.

“We are excited to see what results will come this weekend.”

Tanweer, which acts as an agent for TV sales to Disney, Lakeshore, Miramax, and other Hollywood companies, is also in talks to close more exclusive U.S. volume deals.

“Distribution prospects in large part of the world are limited these days,” Samaan noted.

“Real growth will come from new markets and that is what we are specialized in.”

Tanweer’s scope spans from Greece and Turkey to the entire Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia.