MADRID – Total box office gross in Spain soared in 2015 vs. 2014 by 8.4% to €571 million ($625.8 million), per Rentrak Spain. Reason: the same winning combination which looks set to spell all-time records or standout total B.O. trawls for 2015 in France, the U.K. and Germany: Hollywood juggernaut perfs from the likes of “Star Wars,” “Minions” and “Jurassic World” plus a national comedy phenom or two. In Spain’s case, latter is repped by “Spanish Affair 2.”

Produced by Lazona and Weather Films AIE, a tax vehicle, for Telecinco Cinema, the film production arm broadcast group Mediaset España, it has topped 2015 as Spain’s highest-grossing movie of the year, pushing “Minions” into No. 2 spot with its €31 million ($34.0 million) cume, and counting. “Spectre” punched barnstorming results in U.K., France and Germany. In Spain, underscoring the status of the world’s biggest tyke-driven family entertainment as must-see events, “Inside Out” also made the top five, giving UPI Spain three Top Five B.O. berths and Disney two.

Spanish cinema couldn’t equal its market share of 25% in 2014, its biggest since 1977. But at 19%, its slice of Spain’s total box office pie was still the second-best on Rentrak records, dating back to 1997, per Arturo Guillen, Rentrak VP, Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Total 2015 admissions in Spain came in at 94 million, 6.7% up vs. 2014. After four years of crisis-lacerated successive decline from 2009, Spain’s 2015 B.O. gross, the fourth worst this century, is still way down on its all-time record of €691.6 million ($757.9 million by current currency conversion), posted in 2004, driven by rampant multiplexing from the 1990s onwards and a bullish economy. Total gross take at Spanish theaters held consistently above €600 million from 2001’s €616.4 million ($675.1 million) through 2012’s €614.2 million ($673.1 million), per Spanish Ministry of Culture records.

2015 cinema tix sales for Spain remain the third-lowest since 1994’s 94.0 million. But the double whammy of Hollywood high-rollers and a Spanish comedy smash-hit was still enough to lift Spain to its second consecutive year of box office build after it near fell off a cliff in 2013, plunging 18% year-on-year.

“2015 confirms a trend-change that began in 2014, whose importance can hardly be underestimated. Before, Spanish box office looked in free-fall,” Guillen commented.

“Spanish film industry’s market share didn’t hit 20%, but it still demonstrates its capacity to generate films – ‘The Impossible’ in 2012, 2014’s ‘Spanish Affair’ now ‘Spanish Affair 2’ – that top Spain’s box office charts for the whole year. Before, that didn’t happen,” he added.

“Spanish broadcasters have demonstrated that, working with Spain’s production sector, together they can make movies that best Hollywood super-productions.”

Two Hollywood majors punched their biggest results with Spanish titles: Paramount Pictures Intl.: (“Capture the Flag,” €11 million: $12.0 million) and Warner Bros. (“Perdiendo el norte, €10 million: $11.0 million). Sony-distributed “Now or Never” (€8 million, $8.8 million) was its second biggest hit, just pipped by “Hotel Transylvania 2.”

Decimated by a perfect storm – crisis, piracy and high ticket-prices – Hollywood blockbusters have consistently underperformed in Spain this decade. 2015 is the first year since 2010 that three Hollywood mega-plays have punched €20 million ($21.9 million)-plus in Spain. 2015 B.O. would have been even higher had it not been for continual good weather from October, Guillen observed.

Some semblance of economic recovery – GDP was up 3.5% this year – may also have helped B.O. in Spain. “Crises are said to encourage cinemagoing. But they have to be short. If they go on, they damage box office results, like everything else,” he argued. Spain is predicted to rank as the fastest-growing of eurozone economies in 2016, with consensus forecasts pointing to growth of 2.7%. Guillen said he was “optimistic” Spain’s nascent turn-around would continue in 2016. “But ultimately that will come down to the films.”

Currently rounded up, more detailed Rentrak figures will be published after Dec. 31.


1.”Spanish Affair 2,” UPI, €31 ($34.0 million)*

2.”Minions,” UPI, €24 million ($26.3 million)

3.”Star Wars,” Disney, €22 million ($24.1 million)*

4.”Jurassic World,” UPI, €22 million ($24.1 million)

5.”Inside Out,” Disney, €21 ($23.0 million)


1.”Spanish Affair 2,” UPI, €31 ($34.0 million)

2.“Capture the Flag,” Paramount, €11 million ($12.0 million)

3.”Perdiendo el norte,” Warner Bros., €10 million ($11.0 million)

4.”Regression,” UPI, €9 million ($9.9 million)

5.”Now or Never,” Sony, €8 million ($8.8 million)

Source: Rentrak Spain €1=$1.09589, * still counting