Annecy: ‘Ballerina’ Producers Prep Second Period Toonpic ‘The Bravest’

Quad's second animation movie an adventure film with heart, said producer Laurent Zeitoun

'Ballerina' producers Quad is preparing adventure

Following “Ballerina,” the team behind “Intouchables” – Laurent Zeitoun, Yann Zenou and Nicolas Duval — are poised to explore further the animation world with their second toonpic, “The Bravest.”

“The Bravest” marks the producers’ second animated film after “Ballerina” (pictured) which is being presented at Annecy in the Work In Progress section.

The English-language feature is currently in development. The animation will be created out at L’Atelier Animation in Montreal.

Set in the 1920’s, against the backdrop of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory disaster, “The Bravest” turns on a 15-year old girl who desperately wants to make her father proud. After finding out that her dad used to be a firefighter, she sets out to become one and enrolls into a fire station.

Zeitoun told Variety that “The Bravest” will be in the same artistic vein as “Ballerina,” the 1884-set film charting the journey of Felice, an 11-year-old orphan girl from Brittany who dreams of becoming a ballerina at the Paris Opera.

“It’s an adventure film with heart which turns on ordinary children living extraordinary tales. Both films carry values and an educational dimension,” said Zeitoun, who will soon unveil the name of the director and the rest of the key crew.

With Eric Summer and Eric Warin’s “Ballerina,” Zeitoun, Zenou and Duval proved they could deliver an upscale feature and attract high-profile talent and creatives. Indeed, “Ballerina”‘s voice cast is led by Elle Fanning and Dane DeHaane, while Theodore Ty, who worked on “Madagascar” 1 & 2 and “Kung Fu Panda” 1 & 2, directed the animation.

“Ballerina” will be released by Gaumont in France in Christmas 2016. Gaumont International has already pre-sold the feature to nearly 20 territories.