Noucinemart, Vaiven Acquire ‘Not All Is Vigil’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Hermes Paralluelo’s grandparents portrait strikes first distribution deals

Noucinemart, Vaiven Acquire ‘Not All Is

Screening Monday at Mexico’s Guadalajara Festival then segueing to Colombia’s Cartagena Fest, where it bows March 13, Spaniard Hermes Paralluelo’s fest fave “Not All Is Vigil,” a portrait of love in old age, has tied down its first distribution deals.

Produced by Maria Jose Garcia at Barcelona’s El Dedo en el Ojo, a company focusing on innovative, on-the-rise directors, “Not All” has closed Spain with Noucinemart and Argentina with Vaiven.

Pacts underscore that even docu-features, if favorably received — as “Not All” has been since its world premiere at San Sebastian — can still break out to niche distribution, rolling off new generation distributor, whose commitment is about passion rather than turning a quick buck.

Selected for San Sebastian’s New Directors’ section, then playing at Rio, “Not All” won best documentary at November’s Bratislava Festival, a Sign Prize at Argentina’s Mar del Plata and a Special Mention playing in Ibero-American competition at January’s Palm Springs Fest.

Founded in December 2010 by Carlos Rodriguez Rios, and the organizer of the Barcelona International Author’s Cinema Festival, Noucinemart will release “Not All” in a clutch of major cities across Spain in June.

Based out of Lisbon, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, Vaiven is run by Portugal’s Susana Santos Rodriguez and Maria Joao Machado and Argentina’s Francisco Lezama. It aims to distribute and raise visibility on valiant indie works defying the logic of classic commercial distribution. Vaiven will release “Not All” in May.

Written by Paralluelo, “Not All” is part of a burgeoning opus of movies – another, Carlos Hagerman’s 2015 Ambulante-highlight “El patio de mi casa,” a portrait of his parents, also plays Cartagena, screening March 12 – in which directors portray elder family members to effective emotional payoff.

Enrolling his own grandparents, who play themselves in a film on the border-lands of documentary and fiction, Paralluelo portrays feisty Felisa Lou and Antonio Paralluelo, who have lived together for 60 years in a small hamlet in Teruel Spain and confront an imminent future when they are no longer able to care for each other, or will end up in a retirement home, losing their independence. The film is set in a phantasmagorical hospital, where Antonio is getting treatment, then moves to the couple’s austere home. “Not All” boasts crafted cinematography (Julian Elizalde) and sound design (Federico Disandro) of far higher quality than most fiction works.

“To me it’s very hard to think of Antonio and Felisa separately. I’ve always seen them together; all my life they’ve been together in the same house,” said Paralluelo.

He added: “Here is something that connects them so hard that when you are with one of them, the absence of the one who is not there is so powerful as the presence of the other.”

“Not All Is Vigil” is exec produced by Uriel Wisnia, Diana Ramos Medina, Jacques Toulemonde, Andrés Luque and María José García.

News of the deals comes as “Not All” producer El Dedo en el Ojo is completing post-production on Luis Aller’s “Transeuntes,” a years-in-the-works, kaleidoscopic vision of Barcelona city life, and Argentine Eugenio Canevari’s “Paula.” Shot in Pergamino, in the province of Buenos Aires, the latter turns on a maid on a rural estate who suffers an unwanted pregnancy. Both films look set for major fest berths later this year.