Latin Heat Media LLC and non-profit org American Latino Theatre (ALT) have joined forces to launch LatinHeat Cinema, a streaming service aimed at both the 54 million-strong U.S. Latino market as well as international auds. The new platform addresses the paucity of distribution opportunities for indie Latino filmmakers, and invites them to submit their works to the site.

LatinHeat Cinema is powered by dotstudioPRO, a streaming platform that provides management, monetization, distribution and tracking tools to content creators.

Filmmakers will have full control of their market, said ALT founder-filmmaker David Llauger-Mieselman, who was born in New York City of Puerto Rican-Russian parents. “They will know, through our metrics, who their audience is and how viewers are responding to their product,” he said. They can opt to market their films themselves or tap LatinHeat Cinema’s marketing services, he added.

LatinHeat Cinema launches on September 17, the same day urban drama “Strike One” premieres at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Helmed by Llauger-Mieselman, pic stars Danny Trejo (“Machete”) who plays the uncle of a youth (played by Johnny Ortiz) who gets entangled in the U.S. judicial system tainted by the Three Strikes Law. This harsh law has led courts to mete out multiyear sentences for  even the most minor of infractions, once it’s the third offense.

“When David came to us with the idea, he also came with the perfect film we could test the market with, his film ‘Strike One,’ ” said Latin Heat Media CEO and president Bel Hernandez Castillo, who looks forward to providing a market channel relationship to help filmmakers build out. Latin Heat Media and ALT are working closely with Latino public relations company Always Evolving PR, headed by Elia Esparza.

Viewers have the option to rent or purchase pics on LatinHeat Cinema.

Llauger-Mieselman is currently developing a web series, “The Tunnel,” aimed at millennials, and a feature film for the new platform.