Mad Solutions, the innovative Arab marketing and distribution company based in Cairo and Abu Dhabi, is beefing up its distribution slate with “Sawah,” a pic with cross-border potential about an Egyptian student torn between living in Egypt or Europe during the Arab Spring.

Dramedy being touted as the first co-prod between Egypt and Luxembourg is to be directed by Luxembourg-based Egyptian director Adolf El Assal (“The Notorious Guys”). It revolves around 29-year-old grad student Samir who lands in Luxembourg thinking he is in Brussels, gets stuck living in what for him is a totally alien continent, and must decide if he wants to return home.

“I am making a film about things that keep people apart and the humanity that can bring us together,” said El Assal. “My hope is to make a film that is truly international and can build bridges,” he added. Casting is not finalised but talks are advanced with at least two Arab A-listers. The screenplay is by U.S- scribe Dennis Foon (“Life, Above All”).

Plan is for cameras to start rolling in the second half of 2016 on “Sawah” which is being mounted as a co-prod between Luxembourg-based Wadi Films, set up by the director, and Cairo-based shingle The Producers known for fresh fare including “Blair Witch”-like Egyptian chiller “Warda.” Mad Solutions will distribute “Sawah” theatrically in the Arab world. El Assal previously directed French comedy “Les Gars” (“The Notorious Guys”) about a bunch of young misfits on a bizarre road trip to Portugal.

The three-way deal was inked during the recent Malmo Arab Film Festival in Sweden were Mad also acquired Arab distribution rights to Iraqi director Mohamed Jabarah Al-Daradji’s docudrama “In the Sands of Babylon” and offbeat Palestinian comedy “Love. Theft and Other Entaglements” by Muayad Alayan.