PARIS — Swedish sales company Eyewell has come on board Elmo Nüganen’s epic war drama “1944” in the run-up to its world premiere at the European Film Market.

An Estonian-German co-production, “1944” chronicles the Battle of Tannenberg, often referred to as the bloodiest battle on World War II’s Eastern Front. Volunteer infantry battalions from Denmark, East Prussia, Flanders, Holland, Norway and Wallonia fought as part of Baltic Waffen-SS units against the Soviet Army.

Pic is told through the eyes of Jaan Tamm, an 18-year old Estonian volunteer fighting with the Germans, and Jüri Jõgi, a Red Army soldier, whose lives intertwine.

“Following some of the soldiers, I got caught by the brutal reality combined with almost poetic sensitivity in ‘1944’ and how it tells this extremely complicated passage of the Second Word War,” said Michael Werner, who launched Eyewell in May 2013 after working at NonStop Sales.

Nüganen previously directed Estonia’s biggest B.O. success ever, “Names in Marble,” a historical drama about Estonian students who rebelled against Soviet domination in 1918.

Estonia’s Taska Film and Finland’s Matila Röhr Prods. produced “1944,” which at 1.5 million Euros ($1.7 million) is considered to be Estonia’s biggest-budgeted movie ever.