Depardieu, ‘Weddings’’ Sadoun, Lauby, Make ‘A Mighty ‘Team’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Paramount distribs in France, Other Angle sells abroad

Gerard Depardieu Docuseries
Gennady Avramenko/Epsilon/Getty Images

PARIS – Gallic living legend Gerard Depardieu and French blockbuster “Serial (Bad) Weddings” stars Medi Sadoun and Chantal Lauby will headline family comedy “A Mighty Team,” which Paramount Pictures will release in France in early 2016.

Produced for Source Films (“Skate or Die”) by Sebastien Fechner and former Miramax and Weinstein Co. exec Maeva Gatineau, “Team” is being brought onto the international market at this week’s Paris UniFrance Rendez-vous by Other Angle Pictures, which has made its name breaking out French comedies to overseas sales.

TF1 has acquired French free-to-air broadcast rights. Directing is another humor specialist, Thomas Sorriaux, whose best scoring movies, 2003’s “The Dope” and 2004’s “The 11 Commandments,” punched €13.9 million ($15.5 million) and $23.2 million at the French box office – in current tix price terms.

“The Mighty Team” stars Sadoun as France’s best soccer player whose extra-curriculum pleasures are damaging his play and new contract negotaitions. Dispatched by his scheming agent (Lauby) to his home village, he ends up reconciling with his father (Depardieu), relating to his fatherless niece, who dotes on him, and training his local children’s team, whom he takes to championship glory.

Barbara Cabrita, the Portuguese-French star of “The Golden Cage,” a breakout French movie hit, plays the mother of a high-talented young soccer player, whom Sadoun’s character trains.

“This is a moving, feel-good film for all the family, a multi-generational story, which is really about the family more than soccer, and a man who’s been very selfish and learns what it is to be an adult,” said Laurence Schonberg, Other Angle’s co-CEO.

“The Mighty Team” is scheduled to go into production in March. Schonberg added that it would receive backing from several big brands and will have interesting marketing angles, given it’s partly targeting kids. Famed French soccer players will make profiles.

The biggest hit of any nationality in France last year, where it grossed a stunning $104.6 million, “Serial (Bad) Weddings” starred Sadoun as one of the son-in-laws and Lauby as the central family’s mother. “Weddings” also scored $33.8 million in Germany, ranking No. 2 on last year’s B.O. charts.