Cannes: Wild Bunch Reteams With Emir Kusturica for ‘On the Milky Road’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Cannes: Wild Bunch Reteams With Emir

Continuing its relationship with Palme d’Or-winning Serbian director Emir Kusturica, Wild Bunch has snatched up international sales to “On the Milky Road,” a romance-adventure film with Monica Bellucci.

“On the Milky Road” is produced by Alex Garcia for AG Studios, Lucas Akoskin for BN Films, Paula Vaccaro for Pinball London and Kusturica for Rasta Intl.

Kusturica, who directed and wrote the movie, stars in the lead role. Sergej Trifunovic (“A Serbian War”) and Predrag Manojlovic (“Black Cat White Cat”) complete the cast.

Pic unfolds as a three-part narrative recounting three periods in the life of a man (Kusturica): his time as a lucky milkman during the war; evading perilous escapades and blossoming romance with the woman he loves (Bellucci); and his later life as a monk, looking back over the tumultuous past.

The film shoots on location in the Balkans, across the Republic of Srpska, Serbia and Montenegro.

Kusturica last directed a segment of “Words With God,” which is the first installment of the Heartbeat of the World anthology film series, and the documentary film “Maradona” which Wild Bunch sold.

Wild Bunch has 13 films playing at Cannes, including Jacques Audiard’s “Deephan,” Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s “The Assassin,” Gaspar Noe’s “Love” and Arnaud Desplechin’s “My Golden Years.”