Paris-based producer Marianne Slot, who received France’s Order of Arts and Letters at this year’s Cannes festival, is launching a flurry of new world cinema projects and bowing a TV division.

Best-known as Lars Von Trier’s co-producer, Slot just wrapped her term as president of France’s initiative Cinema du Monde, which was launched by the CNC in 2013. Under Slot’s leadership, the fund initiative supported 17 films that are playing this year at the festival, notably four Palme d’Or contenders “The Lobster,” “Louder Than Bombs,” “Mia Madre” and “Mountains May Depart.”

Now that her mission at Cinema du Monde has ended, the vet producer’s outfit Slot Machine is on board to produce “A Woman at War,” Benedikt Erlingsson’s follow-up to Iceland’s Oscar candidate “Of Horses and Men,” Angelina Nikonova’s “The Thirtieth Love,” based on Vladimir Sorokin Marina’s eponymous novel, Turkish helmer Yesim Ustaoglu’s “Clair-Obscur” and “Cook, F**k, Kill” from Slovakia’s Mira Fornay.

Slot said “Clair-Obscur” will explore the clash between Turkey’s modern society and the religious/conservatism undercurrent. Ustaoglu has won many international awards, notably Sundance’s NHK prize for “Waiting for the Clouds” in 2003 and two San Sebastian’s Golden Seashells for “Pandora’s Box.”

“A Woman at War,” Erlingsson’s outing, is an eco-themed thriller taking place in contemporary Island.

Meanwhile, “Cook, F**k, Kill,” Fornay’s follow-up to Rotterdam’s Tiger Award winner “My Dog Killer” centers on a violence-prone couple with kids. Slot said the film will have a narrative structure in the veins of a videogame.

Meanwhile, Slot is also opening a TV division and has hired two well-rounded indie producers, Carine Leblanc and Laurent Duret to run the department. One of the first television projects developed by Slot is a series set in the world of European politics, which is being written by Eric Garandeau, the former CNC president and cultural affairs advisor to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.