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The film agencies of Latin America, Portugal and Spain have teamed to launch Pantalla CACI, an educational VOD service hosting 260 feature films.

Backed by CACI, the Ibero-America film and TV agency umbrella, the new VOD platform will offer titles from film catalogue Ibermedia Digital as well as documentaries from DocTV Latin America.

New platform primarily targets region’s educational and cultural institutions, also offering Aula – editorial context such as vidcam interviews with film directors taken at festivals or film monographic studies.

VOD service will feature recent films by some of the top Latin American filmmakers, once they have exploited their commercial cycle and broadcast transmissions on the regional public broadcasters, said Elena Vilardell, Ibermedia’s technical secretary.

Pantalla CACI, which has soft-launched and is still a work in progress, plans to add 52 recent features per year, added Manoel Rangel, president of Brazil’s cinema-TV agency Ancine and a CACI executive.

Rangel presented Pantalla CACI Tuesday at Cannes along with Jorge Sanchez, who heads up Mexico’s Imcine film board. “This is one of the battery of measures adopted by Latin American film authorities to target distribution, the Aquiles heel of Latin America cinema, per Jorge Sanchez. Imcine has provided support and assistance for the Pantalla CACI launch, via its VOD platform Cinema Mexico.

Cinema Mexico plans to release a new commercial VOD service on July 21 in partnership with a Spanish platform, Sanchez said at Cannes.

“Pantalla CACI is a big step forward. There is not a VOD service in the world that allows viewers to know movies from the 22 Latin American countries,” said Manoel Rangel.

According to one study, only 12 million of Mexico’s 120 million inhabitants went to a cinema theater in 2013. Pantalla CACI’s outreach to schools, universities multiplies the possibility of a young generation of Latin Americans  learning about and loving their own cinema when they are still capable of conceiving life-long passions.

John Hopewell contributed to this article