CANNES — In the wake of European Commissioner Gunther H. Oettinger’s speech at the Cannes Film Festival, four orgs — the European Producers Club, Europa International, Europa Distribution and EuroVoD — have joined forces to launch a focus group to rethink the Digital Single Market reform.

Unveiled at Cannes by Marco Chimenz, the European Producers Club’s prexy, the group will comprise producers, distributors, sales agents, broadcasters and VOD platforms.

Oettinger said in his speech that movies and TV could be exempted from the Commission’s plans for a Digital Single Market strategy, which initially called for the removal of TV and film rights’ geo-blocking. Oettinger then postponed the E.C.’s verdict and invited professionals to gather and devise alternative proposals to improve the access and distribution of films across Europe.

Industry discussions will be spearheaded by Chimenz, Europa International’s Suzanne Wendt, Europa Distribution’s Laurent Dutoit and Jakub Duszinski and EuroVod’s Jean-Yves Bloch.

“We, the presidents of the four networks, make the commitment to build an integrated and cross-sector reflection on film circulation. We will gather our ideas to propose an alternative plan of action able to reach audiences and improve the distribution of our works in Europe,” said the orgs in a joint statement.

The group will be brainstorming this summer and is expected to deliver their conclusion at the end of September.