Bac Films is partnering up with Leone Film Group-owned Lotus Production for “Like Crazy,” the next project by “Human Capital” helmer Paolo Virzi.

“Like Crazy” stars Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Micaela Ramazzotti as two patients with psychiatric issues who meet at a community hospital and flee the hospital to embark on a road trip from Tuscany to Rome.

Written by Virzì with Francesca Archibugi, “Like Crazy” is produced by Raffaella Leone and Marco Belardi for Lotus Production, a Leone Film Group company, with Paris-based Bac Films and Manny Films, who previously collaborated on “Human Capital,” on board to finance.

Bac Films has already pre-sold “Like Crazy” to Germany (Neue Visionen), Benelux (Imagine Film Distribution), Switzerland (Filmcoopi), Greece (Strada Films), Austria (Filmladen), Israel (Lev) and Turkey (Filmarti) in Cannes.

“With this adventure film, hovering between irony and drama, we explore the tenuous boundary between sanity and insanity, immersing ourselves in the heart of those condemned to the social stigma of madness and trying to observe, through their eyes, the fragility, poverty and sometimes the ferocity of our lives considered normal,” said Virzi.

RAI Cinema will release the movie in 2016.