Berlin: EOne’s Seville, Morena, Match Factory Team for Bollain’s ‘The Olive Tree’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Paul Laverty (“Looking For Eric”) penned a film, which talks about families, tradition, and a tree

Berlin: EOne’s Seville, Morena, Match Factory

Seville Intl., the indie sales arm of Entertainment One Films Intl., has pounced on world sales rights to “The Olive Tree,” directed by Iciar Bollain (“Even the Rain”). Pic was produced by Spain’s Morena Films and Germany’s Match Factory Prods., and written by Ken Loach’s regular scribe Paul Laverty.

Deal excludes Spain and Germany.

“The Olive Tree,” which was inspired by a newspaper article Laverty read, turns on a family in a village in Eastern Spain, where a father and uncle decide to sell its more-than-1,000 year old olive tree to a some a property developer down on the coast, despite the opposition of the grandfather and 8-year-old daughter, through whose eyes the events are portrayed.

Currently casting, “The Olive Tree” will shoot from May in Castellon and Germany.

“The film is a bit like a children’s tale, but a modern one for adults: There’s a grandfather, a tree and a little girl who attempts something which seems impossible and could change things, but it takes place against the background in a Spain in crisis which has little to do with children’s tales,” said Bollain.

“Iciar Bollain is one of Spain’s very top directors in terms of her ability to communicate emotions and issues of today’s society,” said Morena producer Juan Gordon.

EOne’s Seville Intl. already sells Julio Medem’s Penelope Cruz starrer “Mama,” also a Morena production. “EOne’s Seville Intl. made a very strong case for handling the film. Michael Weber wanted to work with Iciar. So I thought: ‘Let’s go with the people who are passionate about ‘The Olive Tree.’ ”