Red Bull Media House and U.S. digital filmmaking pioneers Brain Farm Digital Cinema have teamed to produce “The Fourth Phase,” the sequel to “The Art of Flight,” the 2011 global home entertainment hit.

Overall No. 1 iTunes movie in the U.S., “Flight” is arguably the most successful action sports film of the last decade.

At the American Film Market, RBMH’s Philipp Manderla, head of feature films, will world premiere two 10-minute segments from “The Fourth Phase,” directed like “Flight” by BDC CEO Curt Morgan, as well as Jon Klaczkiewicz. RBMH will handle worldwide sales.

“Fourth Phase,” like “Flight,” stars Travis Rice, a double X Games gold medal winning snowboarder who has helped raise the bar on snowboard filmmaking, in running big mountain lines and soaring to amazing height – at tree tops level in one “Flight” backwoods sections – as he performs tech trips. In “Phase,” he undertakes a 15,000 mile mission following the hydrological cycle around the North Pacific Rim, discovering more than just new terrain.

“The Fourth Phase” will be the “biggest and most anticipated film Red Bull Media House has ever been involved in,” Manderla said.

“’The film combines spectacular action with ways of producing snowboarding action not done before, taking it to the next level.”

A production-services house, Brain Farm has consistently raised digital filmmaking’s ceiling. On “The Fourth Phase,” Brain Farm will use 4K ultra HD to highlight details and realism. Each 4K cameras set-up weighs approximately 60 pounds; some scenes required up to five cameras.

“Making this film has been one of the most challenging yet gratifying experiences in my life.  Our team has pushed deep into the backcountry with new technology in hopes to capture snowboarding in a way it has never been seen before,” said Morgan.

“From the adventure, to the outstanding athleticism, to the very real story that unfolds, this film will undoubtedly be unique.”

RBMH and Brain Farm will use this winter for additional shooting and is in post-production on sequences shot. Partners aim for a September/early October world premiere, depending on how “The Fourth Phase” is taken onto the market, Manderla added. RBMH will use the AFM and Berlin to finalize release strategies on “The Fourth Phase,” he added.

Also at the AFM, RBMH will be screening “Chasing Niagara,” a coming of age tale of friendship structured by the preparations of big waterfall kayaker Rafa Ortiz, aided by film director/top kayaker Rush Sturges and Evan Garcia, to run the Niagara Falls. Produced by Sturges’ River Roots for RBMH, “Chasing Niagara” was one of the big hits at San Sebastian’s Savage Cinema showcase in September.

“Streif,” turns on the world’s most legendary downhill race, in Kitzbühel, Austria.