AFM: Dreamcatchers Presents ‘The Debt’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Barney Elliott’s political thriller rolls of New Hampshire Audience Award, best film at Woodstock

Dreamcatchers Presents ‘The Debt’ at 2015’s
Courtesy of Atlantic Pictures

Dreamcatchers is bringing onto the market at AFM the re-edited version of Barney Elliott’s political thriller “The Debt.”

Move comes as Dreamcatchers, a Madrid-based English-language film sales-financing house, introduces buyers to 3D animated feature “Ozzy,” which has pre-sold Poland (Polsat), Turkey/Greece (Tanweer), Portugal (Outsider) and the Middle East (ECS).

“The Debt” stars Stephen Dorff,  Alberto Ammann (“Thesis on a Homicide”), Carlos Bardem (“Cell 211) and David Strathairn, and is directed by Peru-based U.S.-born director Elliott. “The Debt” (aka “Oliver’s Deal”) stars Dorff as a hedge-fund honcho putting through the deal of a lifetime — the redemption of a long-forgotten billion-dollar debt owed by the Peruvian government to its citizens. The quick buck soon turns into a nightmare.

“ ‘The Debt’ is now very relevant as Peru builds for elections in April and the Peruvian government owes billions to former landowners and U.S. fund Gramercy – or so they claim — after expropriation in 1969,” said Dreamcatchers’ Marina Fuentes.

UIP will release “Debt” in Peru just before elections.

Also produced by Ibon Cormenzana’s Barcelona-based Arcadia, “Ozzy” turns on a lovable family dog forced to work in an evil toy sweatshop Empire, who has to gather the courage and belief in himself to attempt to escape.

“ ‘Ozzy’ is like ‘Chicken Run’ with dogs, a twist on the classic prison breakout movie,“ said Fuentes, adding that “Ozzy” will be delivered in summer 2016.

Disney will release “Ozzy” in Spain next fall.