Ventana Sur: Paraguay’s Maneglia, Schembori Prep ‘Seekers,’ ‘7 Boxes’ Follow-up (EXCLUSIVE)

Adventure-comedy project, scheduled to roll 2016 dubbed a ‘Paraguayan Indiana Jones'

Tana Schembori, Juan Carlos Maneglia

Paraguayan filmmakers Juan Carlos Maneglia and Tana Schembori are developing comedy-adventure film “Los buscadores” (“Seekers”), their follow-up to 2012’s box office and festivals hit action thriller “7 Boxes,” which Breaking Glass Pictures picked up for the U.S., sold by Shoreline Ent.

Dubbed a “Paraguayan Indiana Jones,” “Seekers” takes place in modern-day Paraguay, with local characters, and is spoken in Spanish, Guarani and Jopara -a mix of both languages.

‘”Seekers’” original screenplay was written by Juan Carlos Maneglia, who will co-direct alongside Tana Schembori.

Set in the neighbourhood of Chacarita, a picturesque, colorful and vibrant community, right next to downtown Asuncion, the plot kicks off when a young paperboy accidentally discovering a map in a book given him by his grandfather. He will team with other paperboys in the search for a buried treasure known as “Plata Yvyguy.”

“We think ‘Seekers’ is going to have the rhythm that this genre needs and the ingredients that will make the film  become popular and attractive for audiences,” said Maneglia.

“We are talking about a bigger budget, with more characters, more complexity, more locations, with some ambitions in term of cast. With a comedy tone, different to ‘7 Boxes,’ but with the same spirit and some thriller elements,” Schembori added.

“Unlike ‘7 Boxes,’ at the script stage we have started to negotiate with some potential co-producers and international sales agents,” she added.

Produced by their Asuncion-based outfit Maneglia Schembori Realizadores in partnership with Christian Chena, project is moving ahead with pre-production, and is expected to see a 2016 shoot, according to ‘Seekers’ exec producer Rene Ruiz Diaz.

Richard Careaga, Gabriela Sabate, Mariana Pineda, Camilo Guanes and Fidu Gonzalez figure as ‘Seekers’ associate producers.

Maneglia and Schembori’s feature debut “7 Boxes,” whose world sales were handled by U.S.-based Shoreline Ent., picked up some rave reviews, charmed audiences and won a slew of prizes, including San Sebastian’s Film in Progress Industry Award in 2011 and New Directors Euskaltel Youth Award in 2012 plus Miami Fest’s Audience Award and a jury mention at the Palm Springs Intl. Film Festival in 2013.