Toronto: FilmSharks Takes ‘Late Marriage’ Remake Rights (EXCLUSIVE)

‘The Demolition,’ ‘No Kids,’ ‘We Are the Nobles,’ ‘Buena Vida’ (Delivery)’ also on myriad-title remake sales slate

Late Marriage Sex Scene

Casting its net ever wider, Guido Rud’s FilmSharks Intl. has acquired remake rights to “Late Marriage,” Israeli Dover Kosashvili’s 2002 breakthrough debut which, distributed by Magnolia, became one of Israel’s highest-grossing movies in the U.S., punching $1.66 million B.O.

Set in Tel Aviv in a family of Georgian immigrants, and a send-up of enclosed ex-pat communities, “Late Marriage’s” deal comes months after FilmSharks picked up remake rights to Argentine Marcelo Mangone’s 2005 black comedy “The Demolition.” FilmSharks remake biz continues to build: Company is negotiating Chinese and French remakes of Mexican riches-to-rags dramedy blockbuster “We Are the Nobles,” Rud said.

In recent deals, Italy’s Colorado Films and and Mexico’s Elisa Salinas have optioned Argentine 2015 sleeper “Sin hijos.” “Nobles” skewered Mexico’s class divide, “Late Marriage” the tendency of immigrant communities to cling on to arcane traditions; Argentina’s “Good Life (Delivery),” another FiolmSharks’ title which it licensed to Fox Intl. Productions for a German and Brazil remake, Argentines’ desperate ploys to survive economic crisis.

“It’s amazing how well high-concept, well-produced comedies travel these says for distribution and remakes when you have the right films that portrays what happens in reality in a very creative funny way,” Rud commented.

As he pointed out, his most successful titles tend to be social satires. In a smaller globalized world, specifically localized comedies finger problems which are replicated around the globe.