Having rapidly consolidated as a vibrant meeting point for North American film industry, the Los Cabos Film Festival has raised the bar, launching, starting with its next edition, Cabos TV, a new platform that opens the door to TV business.

Aiming to adapt to the evolution of the global entertainment market, Los Cabos will select TV projects to form part of its traditional development forum Cabos Discovery. TV producers at Cabos Discovery will be able to take part in meetings with different production companies and networks to discuss new co-production and marketing options.

Los Cabos will also run a panel showing case studies with strategies and challenges in the transition from film to TV production, as well as alternative funding sources. For the panel, the festival aims to invite TV companies in Mexico, U.S. and Canada that already boast a tracking record in that transition, said Los Cabos Film Fest director Alonso Aguilar-Castillo.

Los Cabos is also organizing a TV drama showcase led by TV production houses that have successful international experience in the North American region.

Los Cabos’ Meet-Your-Neighbors roundtables will also add a space exclusively dedicated to producers interested in TV series.

Among companies contacted by the Los Cabos Festival at Cannes to show their plans are new international TV giants such as Hulu, Amazon, HBO and Netflix.

We recognize the evolution of the entertainment market, and we want to be the platform through which Mexican producers find a way to finance and commercialize television projects of high quality and international scope,” Alonso Aguilar-Castillo said.

The fourth edition of Los Cabos Film Festival runs Nov. 11-15.