MAR DEL PLATA– When Damian opens his eyes, his hands are full of blood, his face bruised. There is fire nearby –from the car he was driving. His mother and brother were with him and they’re dead. His father will blame him for an accident that – to boot – he cannot recall.

This is the “Rooster Blood’s” premise as told by Dawidson brothers. “It’s a very intense psychological thriller. Damian, the main role, in his search of the truth will go through very violent and sordid paths. It’s a very visual movie, with heavy work on its cinematography,” helmer Mariano Dawidson said enthusiastically. Soundtrack is by Cirilo Fernandez and sound design by Juan Manuel Ruiz and Seba Gonzalez. “A rock thriller with a pulsating rhythm in is editing,” said Eric Dawidson, underlining role of music in the film.

“Blood” is produced by Hermanos Dawidson Films and world premiered at Argentina’s Mar del Plata Fest Oct. 31. Fest had to arrange an extra fourth screening, given auds’ enthusiasm.

Mariano helms “Blood,” Eric produces. But it does not always work that way. They’re both multi-hyphenates. “That way, we can try different filmmaking strategies and have two units running in parallel,” Mariano added.

“Rooster” is their feature debut, but they’ve shot almost a hundred pieces including commercials, shorts, docs, musical clips.

Helming duo offer an interesting combo covering a range of skills. Mariano studied as a graphic designer and illustrator and filmmaking at ENERC, the film school run by the INCAA Argentine Film Institute. He specialized as an editor, aiming to become a film director. Eric trained in makeup and FX, also in animation, setting up a toon studio –HDF– in 2009.

Mariano’s shorts include “El asilo de la bestia,” Division Primal” Alongside Eric, he co-directed “El cirujano.”

“Blood’s” key cast includes Santiago Pedrero, Emiliano Carrazzonne, Eduardo Sapac, Coni Marino, Roli Serrano.

“We love that cinema’s offering a sensory journey to the audience. Our biggest motivation comes from mystery, suspense, action,” Mariano said.

They mention as inspirations Quentin Tarantino, the Coen Brothers, David Lynch, the Wachowski Brothers, David Cronemberg. But “the movie that gave us the urge to do cinema was David Fincher’s ‘Fight Club.’”