LOS CABOS – Argentina’s Dolores Fonzi, star of Santiago Mitre’s Cannes Critics’ Week winner “Paulina” and a praised supporting role presence in Cesc Gay’s “Truman,” will co-star in Jimena Montemayor’s “Wind Traces,” which is set up at Varios Lobos, a rising star in the ranks of Mexico’s production sector.

Cinematographer on Elisa Miller’s Palme d’Or winning short “Ver llover,” Montemayor’s “Wind Traces” won the Churubusco Prize at the Guadalajara Festival in March, worth Pesos 500,000-1,500,000 ($32,438-$97,314) in co-production equity from the Mexico City studios.

Montemayor’s follow-up to “En la sangre,” seen at Locarno’s Carte Blanche, but already “Wind Traces” turns on the impact of a father’s sudden death on his two children. Told by their mother that their father will return, the seven-year-old son imagines the father coming back as a cadaver. Fonzi will play the boy’s mother. Victor Leycegui, one of three producers at Varios Lobos, with Pablo Zimbron and Luis Arenas, will produce; Zimbron takes an exec producer role. Having pulled down Eficine tax coin, “Wind Traces” is scheduled to shoot in March 2016, Zimbron said at Mexico’s Los Cabos Fest.

“’Wind Traces’ is a film about how a young boy processes death when his imagination and innocence run strong,” said Zimbron.

Per Montemayor, “Wind Traces” is “a film about the impact [of sudden death] on a young generation, the lack of communication and words to talk about death with children, Montemayor added, adding that the children,  “thanks to their resilience, transit mourning better than an adult, here the mother.

Fonzi, who created Argentine TV series “Soy tu fan,” and adapted it for Mexico with scribe and production partner Constanza Novick, is currently developing the character of the mother, Zimbron said.

An energetic young Mexican production house, Varios Lobos, headed by Pablo Zimbron, broke through with “Darkness,” a psychological thriller set in a world where the earth has stopped spinning which marks one of Latin America’s most-awaited fantasy genre titles.

Selected by Cannes Festival’s Cinefondation-Atelier “Darkness” was acquired for international by the Paris-based Memento Films Intl. Its first 15 minutes play as a sneak-peek at Los Cabos Festival Nov. 14. Producers aim to have the film ready for delivery in February.

Jorge Michel Grau’s Velarium Arts, headed by Mayra Espinosa Castro, has boarded another Varios Lobos auteur genre movie, Edgar Nito’s feature deb “Tatewari,” an Austin 2013 Fantastic Market runner-up, about two Americans and a Mexican girl on a bloody Peyote-laced road trip across the Real de Catorce desert, which is in development.

“Nito is one of Mexican’s big genre promises,” Zimbron said. “Tatewari” will play Beyond the Window, the co-production forum at Ventana Sur’s Blood Window, Latin America’s leading genre film market, which unspools Nov. 30-Dec. 4. Mexico’s Morbido Festival has put forward “Tatewari” for Blood Window.

After pic won Eficine tax distribution finance, Julio Chavesmontes’ Piano, a young production-distribution entity, will release in Mexico first half 2016 the Media Luna-sold “Epitaph,” directed by Yulene Olaizola and Ruben Imaz. It turns on a prelude to Spain’s defeat of the Aztecs in Mexico: a 1519 conquistador ascent of Popocatepetl. “Epitaph” world premieres Nov. 22 at the Tallinn Black Nights Festival in Estonia.