Locarno Industry Days Launches European Alliance for Development Initiative

Bille August-helmed Vivaldi biopic among selected projects

Locarno Industry Days Launches European Alliance
Courtesy Locarno Film Festival

ROME — The Locarno Film Festival’s informal Industry Days mart is launching Alliance For Development (AFD), a new platform to help develop and co-produce projects from France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland by facilitating cooperation between existing co-development funds in these countries.

Participating co-development funds link France’s famed CNC, Italy’s MiBACT, and Germany’s FFA. Five selected projects comprise a “Vivaldi” biopic project to be helmed by Danish double Palme d’Or winner Bille August.

AFD will have a test run August 8-10 at the Swiss fest dedicated to indie cinema, which is aiming to foster co-development and co-production opportunities between neighboring European territories for projects that offer natural elements for organic, creative and financing partnerships.

“Switzerland is the perfect place to host this initiative, launched with bordering countries which we share national languages with,” said Nadia Dresti, topper of Locarno’s expanding Industry Days, in a statement.

This initiative is being envisioned not as a co-prod mart but rather an annual rendezvous for industryites from these four countries to discuss projects, test their positioning/market potential, and get to know each other better. Despite its four-country focus, AFD will also be open to professionals from other countries who may be interested in boarding selected projects as potential financing, sales, or distribution partners.

These are the selected projects:

CNC – MiBACT: “Apres la guerre,” by Annarita Zambrano; Producer: Stephanie Douet
(Sensito Films, France)

CNC – MiBACT: “Libera Me,” by Bruno Urso, Fabrizio Urso; Producer: Vincent Brancon
(To be continued, France)

MiBACT – CNC: “L’ospite,” by Duccio Chiarini; Producer: Tommaso Arrighi
(House on Fire, Italy)

FFA – MiBACT: “Vivaldi,” by Bille August; Producers: Reinhard Brundig, Nina Frese
(Pandora Film GmbH, Germany)

CNC – FFA: “Le garcon au cheval,” by Mikael Gaudin; Producer: Guillaume Dreyfus
(Année Zéro, France)