CANNES– Showing that foreign distribs are still turned on by high-concept genre movies, WTFilms has pre-sold Julien Seri’s “Night Fare” to over 20 territories in the run-up to Cannes, where the pic will have its market premiere on Friday.

Shot in record time and budgeted under 1 million Euros with private funds, “Night Fare” has been acquired for Japan (Klockworx), Germany (Tiberius), the U.K. (Koch Media), Korea (MediaSoft), Thailand (C.C.C.), Turkey (Sinema), the Middle East (Italia Films), Greece (Odeon), Russia (Big Movie), India (Star Entertainment), Israel (Shoval),
Scandinavia (Njuta Films) and Yugoslavia (Star Media).

WTFilms, a Paris-based outfit headed by Dimitri Stephanides and Gregory Chambet, has also received interest from U.S. buyers.

Here is a sneak peek of the international trailer:

Pic, which marks Seri’s third film after “Les fils du Vent” and “Scorpion,” centers on two friends, Luc and Chris, who get off a cab without paying after an evening of partying and get hunted down by the driver throughout the night.

Pascal Sid, who produced “Night Fare” via Seri’s shingle Daigoro Films, said the movie has generated a large viral buzz even though it wasn’t financed through traditional means. “The idea was shoot the movie no matter what, pour our energy into it and bring together a team of professionals, and not wait for classic financial schemes, which often take too long to fall into place,” explained Sid.

Added Sid, “Although French genre movies have been having a hard time connecting with audiences, we think ‘Night Fare’ stands out because it comes from an experienced genre filmmaker who masters the codes of genre and can make a well-crafted movie with a limited budget.”

The movie will be distributed in France in the fall.

Sid, who is also a filmmaker (“Behind the Walls”), will next direct “L’Ile aux poupees” (“The Island of Dolls”), a fantasy adventure movie in the vein of “Predator” and “The 13th Warrior.” Vahina Giocante, Jonathan Howard and Jerome Lebanner are set to star.

The project is being supported by Reunion Island, where the film will lense at the end of the year or early 2016. Sid said “Dolls” has already been picked up by a French distributor and is looking to complete the financing with co-produers and international distributors.