ROME — Gallic multihyphenate Emmanuel Carrere will be the guest of honor at the third Locarno Film Festival L’immagine e la Parola (Images and Words) spinoff, which is dedicated to the intersection of literature and cinema and will run March 19-22.

Carrere, after starting out as a film critic for Gallic publication Positif, has penned several bestselling novels published around the globe, including “The Adversary,” adapted into a film in 2002 by Nicole Garcia; “La Moustache,” which was made into a movie that he directed himself; and the pluri-prizewinning “Limonov,” published in the U.S. last year.

He has also written scripts for films and TV series, including Canal Plus’ supernatural 2012 skein “The Returned”  (Les Revenants). Carrere’s latest novel, “Le Royaume,” is about early Christianity.

“His tendency to simply bypass constraints and conventions and appeal directly to the reader/viewer makes him a good fit for Locarno,” said Carlo Cahtrian, artistic director of the prominent film fest located in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

“His books resemble film projects just waiting to be made, and, with their ‘documentary-like approach,’ have a particular resonance in respect to the kind of films that Locarno often welcomes and helps launch. Hence our desire to invite him to Locarno to meet young filmmakers in a series of workshops,” Chatrian added.

More detailed information on the event’s program and its guests will be announced on February 17 during a presser.

Previous guests of honor at the Locarno spinoff are German director Edgar Reitz, best known for Teutonic historical saga “Heimat,” and revered Russian auteur Aleksandr Sokurov.