Mexican-Spanish director Rafa Lara (“Cinco de Mayo, The Battle,” “Red Lips”) is attached to direct “Helmut, the Two Faces of Men,” a psychological thriller with ecological nuances, set up at new Madrid-based production house Film Buro.

Produced by Film Buro’s Susana E. Rizzuti and exec produced by Luis Angel Bellaba, who’s developing the project, “Helmut” is designed as a Europe-Latin America co-production, with a high-budget -for Spain- estimated at between €3 million ($3.3 million) to $5.5 million.

“Helmut” aims to roll early 2016 in English with an international cast, in locations in Spain, Mexico and Argentina, among other territories, said Bellaba, a seasoned Argentine-Spanish distrib-producer.

Filled with action and film noir flavor, project turns on Juan Helmut, a 50-year-old-plus loyal employee of a multinational energy company that feels profoundly depressed because he is becoming old without having conquered a better financial status.

Due to an air crash where the company loses some board members, Helmut is promoted to a higher managerial position. But holding his new status he soon discovers dark secrets behind company’s respectable façade.

A free film adaptation of a novel by late Argentine writer-journalist Adolfo Jasca, “Helmut’s” script is being penned by Rafa Lara, who will deliver a definitive copy by the summer, Bellaba said.

The descendant of a family of Spanish Republicans, Mexican-born Rafa Lara boast a versatile film career in Latin America, having directed in Colombia abduction drama “La Milagrosa” and, in Mexico, epic-adventure “Cinco de Mayo, The Battle,” which Televisa-Lionsgate outfit Pantelion Films acquired for the U.S., plus two comedies: “Red Lips,” another Pantelion pickup, and more recently “El tamano si importa,” with Mexican star Eugenio Derbez.

“Rafa Lara boasts a long career as film director and will bring to the project a modern film directing style, that’s what we were looking for,” Bellaba said.

At Cannes, Bellaba is pitching the project to possible Latin American and European co-producers.