Cannes: Guillermo del Toro Production Being Sold by Latido (EXCLUSIVE)

‘The Thin Yellow Line,’ from Celso Garcia, won Guadalajara’s Audience Award

Latido Takes Guillermo Del Toro Produced

“The Thin Yellow Line,” the latest new-talent push by Cannes jury member Guillermo del Toro, will be brought onto the market at Cannes by Latido Films.

Produced by Del Toro along with Bertha Navarro, Del Toro’s partner at Tequila Gang, and Alejandro Springall, “The Thin Yellow Line” marks fellow Mexican Celso Garcia’s feature debut.

“The Thin Yellow Line,” selected for this year’s Cannes Cinefondation Atelier, follows five men hired to paint a yellow line on a lonely road joining two long-forgotten Mexican towns. The road movie is a departure from the auteur genre movies Del Toro makes and produces outside the U.S.

Damian Alcazar plays Tono, the crew’s foreman, a lonely old man struggling to regain his life.

“ ‘The Thin Yellow Line’ is a story in which nothing goes as planned. It’s a story with straight lines, curves and potholes, just like life itself,” Garcia said.

“Line” won the Special Jury Prize, best screenplay and, what distributors are really interested in, the Audience Award at March’s Guadalajara Festival. “Line” continues Latido’s focus on Spanish-language cinema; past Latido titles include Juan Jose Campanella’s Oscar winner “The Secret in Their Eyes.”