LONDON — The Berlinale Co-Production Market, which runs Feb. 8-10 as part of the Berlin Film Festival’s European Film Market, has unveiled a lineup of 36 feature film projects from 28 countries. The official selection and its sidebars include projects from the directors of festival favorites “The Lunchbox,” “The Tribe” and “In Bloom.”

Ritesh Batra, whose international box office hit “The Lunchbox” was presented for Berlin’s 2012 Talent Project Market, is returning with “Photograph,” this time in official selection. The selection also includes a project from Marcela Said from Chile, whose documentary “El mocito” screened in Berlin’s Forum section, and whose first feature film, “The Summer of Flying Fish,” was successfully matched with partners at the 2012 Co-Production Market. Said’s new project is “Los Perros.”

The Berlinale Directors section, which runs as a sidebar to the Co-Production Market, includes Avinash Arun from India, who won the Crystal Bear in the Kplus section in 2014 for “Killa” (The Fort), Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Gross, whose Georgian-German debut “In Bloom” began its highly successful festival run at the Berlinale, and Adam Csaszi from Hungary, whose film “Land of Storms” attracted much attention in last year’s Panorama section.

The festival’s goal for the Berlinale Directors section, which has three projects by directors whose previous films were Berlinale program selections in past years, is to provide Berlinale filmmakers working on new projects with support in finding production partners. Though these projects do not yet fulfil the Berlinale Co-Production Market’s financing criteria, they have strong and clearly recognizable potential.

The producers of the projects in the Co-Production Market will get the chance to link up with potential partners from the pool of 500 producers and financiers in individual meetings. The projects have been developed by experienced international producers, who have secured at least 30% of the pic’s budget, which are between Euros 1 million ($1.18 million) and Euros 6.5 million ($7.68 million).

In cooperation with Rotterdam’s CineMart, three further projects were selected for the Rotterdam-Berlinale Express. These projects will participate at both the CineMart and the Berlinale Co-Production Market. Rotterdam-Berlinale Express includes new projects by Benjamin Naishtat, whose film “History of Fear” screened in last year’s Berlinale competition, and by the Ukrainian director of “The Tribe,” Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, who has also had two short films screened at the Berlinale.

At the Talent Project Market, a section organized in cooperation with Berlinale Talents, 10 newcomers to producing and directing will get a taste of the international market. Their projects were selected from 245 submissions.

Five production companies have been selected to be introduced as part of the Company Matching Program. The focus of meetings will be on paving the way for short-term or long-term partnerships.

The Berlin House of Representatives — directly across from the European Film Market at Martin-Gropius-Bau — will be the main venue for the Co-Production Market.

“Killing Jesus” (Dir: Laura Mora), 64-A Films, Colombia and Motivo Films, U.S.
“NY Gypsy” (Dir: Ivaylo Markov), Agitprop, Bulgaria
“Swoon” (Dir: Mans Marlind, Bjorn Stein), Atmo, Sweden
“Animal Race” (Dir: Ernesto Solis), Bananeira Filmes, Brazil
“Ugur” (Dir: Ozan Aciktan), Bir Film, Turkey
“The Black People” (Dir: Jorge Perez Solano), Chacal Filmes and Tirisia Film, Mexico
“Samouni Road” (Dir: Stefano Savona), Dugong, Italy and Picofilms, France
“Like a Virgin” (Dir: Catherine Shepherd), Fly Film, U.K.
“All the Pretty Little Horses” (Dir: Michalis Konstantatos), Horsefly Productions, Greece and Endorphine Production, Germany
“Los Perros” (Dir: Marcela Said), Jirafa, Chile and Cinema Defacto, France
“Civil Disobedience” (Dir: Alejandro Fadel), La Union de los Rios, Argentina
“The Ash Lad: In the Hall of the Mountain King” (Dir: Mikkel Sandemose), Maipo Film, Norway
“The Hero” (Dir: Antoinette Beumer), Millstreet Films, Netherlands
“Live from Jerusalem” (Dir: Oded Davidoff), MoviePlus Productions, Israel
“Photograph” (Dir: Ritesh Batra), Poetic License Motion Pictures, India
“Trade” (Dir: David Roddham), Roads Entertainment, Ireland
“3 Days in Quiberon” (Dir: Emily Atef), Rohfilm, Germany
“Damned Kids” (Dir: Gonzalo Justiniano), Sahara Films Producciones, Chile
“My Name is Lenny” (Dir: Eva Sorhaug), Salon Pictures, U.K.
“In Front of Others” (Dir: Oskar Jonasson), Truenorth, Iceland

“High Dive” (Dir: Adam Csaszi), Focus-Fox Studio, Hungary
“Sway with Me” (Dir: Avinash Arun), Jar Pictures, India
“My Happy Family” (Dir: Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Gross), Polare Film, Georgia

“The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea” (Dir: Syllas Tzoumerkas), Homemade Films, Greece
“Rojo” (Dir: Benjamin Naishtat), Pucara Cine, Argentina
“Luxembourg” (Dir: Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy), Tandem Production, Germany and Garmata Films, Ukraine

“The Secret Ingredient, producer Emilija Chochkova, Macedonia
“One Thousand,” producer Guillaume De La Boulaye, France
“Sam and the Angel,” producer Galen Fletcher, Canada
“Biencuidao,” producer Gema Juarez Allen, Argentina, and director Abner Benaim, Panama
“Passed by Censor,” director Serhat Karaaslan, Turkey
“Sons of Sunday,” director Rami Kodeih, Lebanon
“Until the Way,” director Davi Agrello Pretto, Brazil
“Wonder Child,” director Ingvild Soderlind, Norway
“Pontianak,” producer Bee Thiam Tan, Singapore
“Pomegranate Soup,” producer Charlotte Walls, U.K.

Dv8 Films, South Africa
Dynamo, Colombia
Element Pictures, Ireland
Tarantula Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Topkapi Films, Netherlands