ANNECY, France — Riding high from the success of Les Armateurs’ “The Long Long Holiday,” a series it released on linear TV platforms, Gallic pubcaster France Televisions has maintained its commitment to animation, the highest of any broadcaster in Europe, revealing its 2014 youth/animation investment figures at a now traditional Annecy Mifa market presentation.

But it will now drive into development, establishing longer development time for properties and expand its digital interface as it seeks to ward off competition from other players, the pubcaster confirmed at Annecy.

Pierre Siracusa, director of animation at France 4, now a dedicated daytime children’s/youth channel, and Tiphaine De Raguenel, France Televisions head of programming and head of children and youth activities, made the presentation.

On a par with recent years, FTV invested in 125 hours of shows , made up of 18 TV skeins and three specials; 27% were adaptations, 42% original content.

France Televisions broadcasts a total 5,800 hours of youth programs on its channels, spread between France 3, France 5 and since, March 2014, France 4.

For 2015, according to FTV execs, France Televisions has 73 series in development or production; 53% for 6-12s, 39% preschool shows and 8% adult productions.

France Televisions confirmed yesterday that its first hybrid series, “7 nains et moi” (“Seven and me”), a modern Snow White riff, will air shortly. The Gallic pubcaster backed 10 productions selected for Annecy/Mifa this year. Seven are TV productions, including series “Boyster “ and “Techinator,” “Hello World!” “Long-Eared Owl,” “Masha and the Bear” and Action.” Two are features: Simon Rouby’s “Adama” and Remi Chaye’s “Long Way North,” and last a commissioned film, comprising the new opening credits for France 5’s daily documentary program.