Responding to and building on its industry heft, Mexico’s fourth Los Cabos Festival will launch an official Sales Office for its 2015 edition that runs Wednesday, Nov. 11, through Sunday, Nov. 15.

The Sales Office will be located at Los Cabos’ Meeting Point, a large airy room looking out over Los Cabos San Lucas’ yacht-spangled marina, a short walk from the festival’s main cinema theater, and next to the Los Cabos’ Co-production Forum.

Mexican and foreign producers and sales agents already use the Meeting Point for back-to-back huddles. Up-and-running throughout the whole festival, and headed by Alejandra Paulin and Los Cabos’ industry team, the Sales Office looks set to meet multiple needs at an event that has grown dramatically since its 2012 launc

Supported by industry movers such as CAA’s Micah Green, AG StudiosAlex Garcia and Telefilm Canada, Los Cabos already packs a select but powerful industry presence from Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, which is growing fast.

Last year, industry attendance was 47% up on 2013 with 300-plus, often-high-caliber, execs accredited, and its U.S. presence more than doubling.

In 2015, Los Cabos is looking to increase the presence of buyers and distributors from outside the North American triumvirate, festival director Alonso Aguilar-Castillo said in Berlin.

Los Cabos’ total cash prizes increased to $335,800 last year from $280,000 in 2013, he added.

Occupying a privileged fest calendar berth just as the American Film Market winds down, Los Cabos welcomes foreign execs often looking for a quick immersion in both the vibrant Mexican industry and the charms of Los Cabos, which – whether the port or a restaurant – can form a welcome context for a business meeting. A Sales Office staff can accelerate that process.

Festival guests will be invited in 2015 to stay over Sunday night, leaving on Monday morning, said Aguilar-Castillo. With that, the festival has added a further day of screenings for the second year running. As a five-day fest packed with 63 industry events, organizing a business agenda on the hoof straight off the AFM can require assistance.

In other developments, per Aguilar-Castillo, Los Cabos will streamline its call for entries around films in development, in post-production and completed movies.

He added that Los Cabos will continue with its partnerships with Tribeca Film Institute and Strategic Partners, and its Work in Progress Mexico and Co-production Forum, which will showcase 12-13 projects, as well as its Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund that last year offered $137,000 in cash prizes to Mexican films, $52,000 a pop for two movies’ post-production, and a total $35,000 toward seven features’ development.

Fox +, Labo Digital, Chemistry and Carlos Reygadas’ Splendor Omnium Mantarraya services house outside Mexico City will partner on the fourth Los Cabos Festival. Katina Medina Mora, whose troubled courtship drama “You’ll Know What to Do With Me,” with rising star Ilse Salas (“Gueros”), won last year a $30,000 Work in Progress Mexico Fox + Award, will direct 2015’s festival trailer, produced, like “You’ll Know,” by the BH5 Group.