Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold, the uber-aggressive agent with anger-management issues, becomes a Hollywood studio mogul in “Entourage,” the bigscreen take on the bro-tastic HBO series, which Warner Bros. opens June 3. Piven is also in London filming the new season of ITV’s “Mr. Selfridge,” the hit PBS series that follows the colorful life of the man who invented the department store.

Ari Gold and Harry Selfridge are so different.

Both of those characters create fireworks. Ari is so eccentric and has so many dualities. Harry Selfridge is the antithesis of Ari; he treats everyone as equals, takes the high ground. When you grow up in a theater family like I did, it’s sacrilegious to turn down a great role.

What can we expect from the “Entourage” movie? 

Ari spent the last season (of the series) trying to get his life back, and his wife back. We pick up with him six months later, living in a small town in Italy. He’s in a very funny place — how would Ari Gold handle being away from the business?

But he can’t be away from Hollywood.

(In the film), he does accept the job as head of the studio, and his first business is to get a Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) project going. The great pillar of the show is the loyalty that these guys have for each other.

Are you happy to revisit Ari?

(“Entourage” creator-showrunner) Doug Ellin wrote a great script. After shooting three seasons of “Selfridge” with some of the best actors in the world, and hopefully growing as an actor, to bring that to the Ari character was really fun.