Berlin: Adrian Suar’s Pol-ka Acquires TV remake rights to ‘Nobles’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Remakes a burgeoning biz in Latin America and beyond.

Berlin: Adrian Suar’s Pol-ka Acquires TV

Adrian Suar’s Pol-ka, one of Latin America’s most powerful film-TV production companies, has optioned TV series remake rights to Mexican movie blockbuster, riches-to-rags dramedy “We Are the Nobles” (aka “The Noble Family”), aiming at a pan-Latin American subscription VOD pay TV version and free-to-air skein redos in Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

The deal underscores one direction international markets are taking. As audience interest in local fiction grows, so has the remake business, at the detriment of straight sales of foreign product (with exceptions, such as French comedies). Much of the smart money these days may be in TV: A series offers for more guarantee of profits than a movie.

The Pol-ka deal is just one of remake sales on movies, old and new, sealed by Guido Rud’s FilmShark’s Intl. at Berlin’s European Film Market.

Pan-Latin American film distributor Diamond Film, that has recently expanded, setting up offices in Chile, Peru, Brazil and Mexico, is moving into production and has recently optioned the Brazilian version of “Just Like Me,” from Argentina’s Diego Kaplan, about a party-hearty bachelor confronted by a pregnant girl who claims to be his daughter. Gobsmack has optioned an Indian version of Kaplan’s” “Me,” while Weltkino has bought redo options on the swinger couple comedy “2+2” with an eye to a German version.

FimSharks has also acquired remake sales right to Marceko Mangone’s 2005 “The Demolition,” a black comedy about a worker who refuses to leave his factory, whose owner has filed for bankruptcy, despite the arrival of a demolition crew. As a social satire, title is in the line of “We Are the Nobles,” said FilmSharks’ Guido Rud.