Fans flocked to theaters on Wednesday to celebrate Oct. 21, 2015: the day that “Back to the Future’s” Doctor Emmett Brown and Marty McFly touched down in the future.

Well, their future is now our past, and some of the things that “Back to the Future Part II” predicted have not come to pass. Most Americans didn’t take a flying car to work this morning, teenagers are not enjoying the pleasures of the hoverboard, families don’t warm up dehydrated pizzas, “Jaws” mercifully never made it to chapter 19 and the World Series remains frustratingly out of grasp for the Chicago Cubs.

That didn’t matter to lovers of Robert Zemeckis’ time-bending trilogy. A theatrical re-release of the three “Back to the Future” films grossed an estimated $1.65 million from 1,815 North American theaters that offered up a helping of nostalgia. They returned to theaters to mark “Back to the Future Day.”

Globally, series lovers turned out in force. The international total for the limited engagement clocked in at $3.2 million, pushing the film’s one-day total to $4.8 million worldwide.

The original trilogy hauled more than $416 million over its run, making it one of the most successful franchises in history. To mark the anniversary, USA Today offered up a special futuristic version of itself and stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd appeared in character on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!.”