TOKYO — Warner Japan and Nippon TV network are producing a new feature in their internationally popular “Death Note” franchise, Japanese media sources have reported.

With the working title “Death Note 2016,” the film will update the original 2006 film pair, in which a genius college student (Tatsuya Fujiwara) discovers a mysterious notebook that enables its possessor to deal death by writing the victim’s name on its pages. When the student, Light Yagami, goes on a killing spree, a reclusive private detective known only L (Kenichi Matsuyama) takes up the case.

The producers have not detailed the story of the new film, though it will involve six notebooks, six rules regarding their use and world-wide cyber-terror.

They have also not yet announced who will be cast as Light Yagami and L in their new incarnations, though the director will be Shinsuke Sato, whose credits include the 2011 hit “Gantz” fantasy/action duology.

Following the success of the two “Death Note” films, which were based on Tsugumi Oba’s best-selling comic, the franchise has generated the 2008 spin-off film “L: Change the World,” as well as TV animations, novels, games, a musical and a live-action drama series broadcast on Nippon TV from July to September of this year.

“Death Note 2016” will be released next year with Warner distributing.