Director/actor Takeshi Kitano is starring in Wayne Wang’s “While the Women Are Sleeping,” a drama based on a Javier Marias short story about a struggling Japanese author who befriends a mysterious couple at a seaside resort. This is first time in twelve years for Kitano, who goes by ‘Beat Takeshi’ for his acting work, to take a major role in another director’s film.

Sixty-eight-year-old Kitano plays the older partner in the couple, 22-year-old Shiori Kutsuna, the younger, while Hidetoshi Nishijima plays the writer and Sayuri Oyamada, the writer’s age-appropriate wife.

At an event in Tokyo on Saturday, Wang said the film, which recently wrapped in Shizuoka Prefecture, “is serious, but also has comic and satirical elements.” Jokingly describing his character as a “pervert,” Kitano said he took on the role “with a casual feeling, since they said they just wanted me to appear for a bit, but when I got the script, I saw my name on top.”

The film, which was pitched at the Busan Asian Project Market in 2013, is set for a 2016 release.