“The Monk Comes Down Down the Mountain,” the new film by top Chinese director Chen Kaige, is set to be presented in 3D Imax version.

The martial arts epic, which stars Aaron Kwok, Lin Chiling, Wang Baoqiang and Fan Wei, is set for release in China on July 3.

The story sees famine and hardship force a young monk to leave his Taoist temple in the mountains, plunging him into an unknown outside world. Treating everything in good faith, he ultimately is betrayed, though he finds strength in the teachings of his former Master: A true hero will achieve his goals, regardless of means, if the desire is great enough.

“The continued expansion of the Imax network in China goes hand-in-hand with the important partnerships curated between Imax and Chinese filmmakers like acclaimed director Chen Kaige,” said Greg Foster, senior executive VP, Imax Corp., and CEO of Imax Entertainment.

It also stars Jaycee Chan, who was only recently taken off the blacklist of banned performers. The son of superstar Jackie Chan was last year found guilty and jailed on charges of dealing drugs to his friends.