SEOUL – An academic, Kim Sae-hoon has been appointed as chairman of the Korean Film Council (KOFIC).

The three year appointment was announced by the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, with effect from Dec. 31 2014.

Kim, who is best known as an animation professor at Sejong University, has also directed and produced a few short animations. In 2008 — 2009, he also served as a KOFIC committee member.

“Since Korean film industry is currently at its critical moment for growth and improvement, the new chairman is meant to communicate widely with the on-set professionals of the industry,” said Kim Jong-Deok, the Minister of Culture, Sports & Tourism at the inauguration ceremony.

KOFIC, which is the leading regulator and a significant financier of the Korean film industry, had been without a chairman for nearly nine months since the termination of former chairman Kim Eui-Suk’s office in March, 2014.

At a press conference last month, Culture Minister Kim Jong-Deok touched on selection process and said that the appointment of the KOFIC chairman “had only been delayed due to his particular eye for personnel matters.”