TOKYO – “Big Hero 6” won its third weekend in a row at the Japanese cinema box office.

In its first 30 days on release the movie has notched up 5 million admissions, while driving its cumulative gross to $54 million.
Meanwhile, the domestic anime smash “Yokai Watch — Tanjo no Himitsu da Nyan!” ranked at number two for the third weekend in a row. Its monster opening week, however, means that its total admissions are still higher at 6.16 million and a cumulative gross of $57.5 million after 30 days in theaters. But now that most core fans have seen it, it is fading fast at the box office.

In third place for the second weekend was “ST MPD Scientific Investigation Squad: The Movie,” a Japanese actioner based on a hit TV series about a quirky crime lab team. By its ninth day on release the “Squad” had earned $4.5 million from 420,000 admissions. 

Arriving in the number four slot was “Ressha Sentai Toqger vs. Kyoryuja The Movie,” a superhero actioner that’s part of the Power Rangers franchise. In its opening frame it earned $732,000 from 84,545 admissions.

Another new entry was “Again,” a drama inspired by the annual Koshien High School Baseball Championship that fell into the seventh slot. Opening on 204 screens, the movie scored $433,000 on 40,480 admissions.