“Fatal Countdown: Reset,” a high profile Korean-Chinese co-production has begun production with Jackie Chan taking a supervisory executive role.

The sci fi tale is directed by Korean filmmaker Chang, who previously directed Cannes Midnight entry “The Target” in 2014. The picture stars Chinese actress Mini Yang (“The Witness”) and actor Wallace Huo (“Swordsman”).

The futuristic story involves a single mother and a scientist, who time travel to rescue her kidnapped son.

High-profile Korean technical crew, including cinematographer Choi Chan-min (“Kundo: Age of the Rampant”), production designer Cho Hwa-sung (“New World”), music director Bang Jun-seok (“The Throne”), and editor Kim Sang-bum (“Veteran”), are also on board.

Korean production house The Lamp Films had developed the original script and recruited Korean crew, including the director, while China’s New Clues Films and Jaywalk Studios handled script adaptation, casting, investment, marketing and distribution. The two China-based companies had previously worked on “The Witness,” which was also a Korea-China co-production.

Sources close to the production say that the film is the biggest budget co-production between the two countries, which are increasingly working as partners. “Mr Go,” involving Korea’s Showbox and China’s Huayi Brothers in 2013 had an announced cost of $25 million.

Currently in production in Busan, “RESET” is set for delivery in the second half of 2016.

Distribution companies in Korea and China have not yet been announced. An international sales agent has also not yet been appointed.