HONG KONG – Strongly anticipated Hong Kong-Chinese blockbusters “Triumph In The Skies” and “12 Golden Ducks” are to get North American releases in February and March through specialty distributor Asia Releasing.

Directed by Wilson Yip (“Ip Man”), “Triumph” is a big screen adaptation of a successful Hong Kong TV series of the same title, involving cockpit and cabin crew in a fictional airline. The cast includes many of the stars of the TV series, including Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung and Elena Kong. It will be released on the second day of Chinese New Year, Feb. 20, 2015.

“Ducks” is a comedy about male prostitutes from the same stable as has delivered female prostitute series “Golden Chickens” and, with the third instalment “Golden Chickensss,” last year topped the Hong Kong box office. It stars Sandra Ng and Louis Koo and will get its North American release on March 6. (The word ‘chicken’ is slang in Cantonese and other Asian languages for ‘hooker’.)

Rights in North America, Australia and New Zealand to both films were acquired by Australia-based Magnum Films. Asia Releasing will handle in North America, while company principal Milt Barlow’s linked outfit Incubate will handle in New Zealand.

Asia Releasing expects to release upwards of 10 Asian movies in North America this year.

Barlow will next month also give a formal launch to Chopflix, his pan Asian online service announced in September last year.

“Our platform build will be completed by the end of February, we have had incredible support from Asian distributors and we will launch with over 1,000 catalogue titles from across the pan-Asian region and over 500 hours of TV programming,” Barlow said.

Chopflix also has a carriage and promotional arrangement for a Chopflix Channel on Vimeo On Demand.