Takeru Sato (“Rurouni Kenshin”) and Japanese actress Miyazaki Aoi (“The Chart of Love”) star in “If Cats Disappeared From the World,” a fantasy film that is an adaptation of a popular Internet novel. The film is the only new title being pitched at FilMart by Toho, Japan’s leading film conglomerate.

Akira Nagai (“Judge!”) directed and Kei Haruna (“Crying Out for Love in the Center of the World”) produced.

The story features a terminally ill postman who hears a devil telling him that he can live another day if he eliminates one thing from the world. The original novel was written by film producer Genki Kawamura and published on Line, the instant messaging application that is currently the largest social network in Japan.

Now in post-production, “Cats” shot in Hokkaido, Japan, and Buenos Aires. Toho will handle local Japanese distribution at an undetermined date next year, as well as representing international sales.

Toho’s FilMart lineup also includes manga adaptation and coming-of-age film “Bakuman”; sci-fi thrillers “Attack on Titan,” parts 1 and 2; “As the Gods Will”; “Parasyte” parts 1 and 2; and romantic drama “Blue Spring Ride.”